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More features and innovations than you can shake a gimbal at.

Design Features:

  • Fully 6in props capable, intended for 5in for a more planted flight feel
  • Slightly squashed x arm configuration gets props out of view
  • Arms above bottom plate gives 28mm of build height, with the weight distribution of a frame with 20mm standoffs and the arms below bottom plate.
  • Arms butt up to each other and are locked with a center screw, no arm wiggle
  • Fewer arm screws means easier swaps, remove 1 screw and loosen the center
  • 3 20x20mm mounting points, back 2 have option for 2mm and 3mm stack screws
  • 2 30x30mm mounting points, middle has slots for adjustment if esc is huge
  • Slots for mounting Immortal T/SMA with zip ties on bottom plate back deck
  • Holes in top and bottom plate for antenna tubes mounting if running 2.4GHz
  • 2 places to mount battery, forward or backward to offset Gopro weight for CG
  • Slots in top deck to tuck balance lead into, never waste time figuring out where to put it or chopping it off again. Faster battery swaps to get back in the air
  • Battery strap slots are cut to make the strap become the anti-skid pad, saving weight
  • Chamfered 4 middle screws on top plate so battery doesn't get scuffed and ruined just strapping it down
  • Carbon nubs in center of top plate for checking balance if CG matters to you
  • Built-in camera protection that doesn't get in your view
  • Adjustable camera slots for longer or short lenses
  • Included tiny o-rings go between camera and carbon plates to really lock in your angle
  • Built-in optional Gopro mount gives angle adjustment from 15-50 degrees with no props in view


Carbon Features:

  • Tolerances are extremely tight. Thread screws through the carbon
  • Chamfered arms
  • Toray T700 carbon fiber gives higher strength than cheaper carbon fibers
  • Matte paint finished carbon for premium look


 Hardware Details:

  • Stainless steel hardware is used for corrosion resistance
  • Arms use 12.9 hardness steel screws coated in titanium nitride for corrosion resistance


 ~107g with stock camera plates

All the mounting options and features, less weight. Designed for the builder and pilot.



  • 2mm Top Plate
  • 2mm Bottom Plate
  • 5mm Arms
  • Carbon Arm Braces with Press Nuts Preinstalled
  • 2mm Camera Braces
  • Hardware Pack
  • 2 Deep Designs Battery Straps