Copy of What Is This Waterproof System And How Does It Work?

The trouble with waterproofing a quad is the wires, they go everywhere. So to fix that you put everything in a box and glue it shut. But how do you plug in usb if you want to change a setting? Stagnant air sealed inside means you made a bomb and it's only a matter of time till heat buildup makes it blow. What if you go to a different elevation on vacation to fly and the seals don't hold due to pressure differential? Ever seen what happens to a chip bag or sealed bottle on an airplane? Every crash flexes the box and the seals break anyway. There are so many problems with putting quad electronics in a box.

We know because that's where we started 2 years ago.

Actually we started here.

But at that time we had trouble getting 1 quad waterproofed over the course of the summer. The trick was inventing a way to waterproof any choice of electronics that was reliable, repeatable, and didn't involve glue.

Over the course of months and months of work and various prototypes we've done just that.

Each component is sealed in its own envelope that incorporates large aluminum heatsinks, waterproof vents that let heat out and fresh air in, and flexible mounting that protects the waterproofing and soft mounts your electronics. The rubber seals remain sticky like the ultimate sticky tack in any temperature so you can fly in winter or summer. If you need to open the envelopes for maintenance, you can carefully cut open the seals with a scissors and reseal it later with the same rubber. The flight controller has a clear top so you can see the lights and diagnose an issue. 


With the frame and waterproof system designed around each other, the weight and bulk of a Deep6 is no more or even less than a regular build. The Deep6 was designed to be the frame that does everything without sacrifice.