How Does This Waterproof System Work?

Final version was tested over winter and summer from freezing to about 100F.

Each component is sealed in its own envelope that incorporates large aluminum heatsinks, waterproof vents that let heat out and fresh air in, and flexible mounting that protects the waterproofing and soft mounts the electronics.

The rubber seals remain sticky in any temperature, fly in winter or summer.

If there is need to open the envelopes for maintenance, carefully cut open the seals with a scissors and reseal it later with the same rubber.

The flight controller has a clear top which makes it easy to diagnose an issue with the lights visible.

A USB extension maintains ability to change settings or update anytime.

The weight and bulk of a Deep6 is no more or even less than a regular build since the frame and waterproof system were designed around each other. The Deep6 was designed to be the frame that does everything without sacrifice.